How Facebook Fans (and Channing Tatum) Are Helping a Teen Accomplish Her Bucket List

Lauren Tuck, Shine Staff
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What do residents of a small Kansas town, 15,000 Facebook users, and Channing Tatum have in common? They're all helping a terminally ill teen check off the 48 things she has on her bucket list.

Since doctors found a tumor in her brain In July 2012, Alisa Finley, now 18, has been undergoing treatment for the Stage 4 glioblastoma. Sadly, doctors have exhausted all of their options trying to shrink the cancerous growth and Alisa, who lives in Colby, Kansas, (population: 5,600), is now in Hospice care. But Alisa is still determined to accomplish a lot in the time she has left, so she's put together a bucket list and, with the help of thousands, she's been ticking off one item at a time. 

The 48 things that Alisa hopes to do (and has done, in some cases) range from the easy

paying for something entirely in pennies or driving around all day blasting music, for example to the trickier, like traveling to Europe, Australia, and all 50 states. And then there are a few that seemed nearly impossible: quitting Facebook for two weeks (she's stlll a teenager, after all) and getting a kiss from world-renowned hunk Channing Tatum. “Through all this treatment, Alisa has not complained, only smiled and laughed,” Alisa’s mother writes on the Facebook fan page Alisa's Butterflies. "Alisa knows in life there is no guarantees for tomorrow for anyone, and that she only needs to live for today." And we're happy to report she has been. Check out all of the things that Alisa hopes to do and some details about the stuff that she's already accomplished.

1. Kiss Channing Tatum: Tatum and Alisa haven't met up in person (so no lip-to-lip contact as of yet) but the actor did send her a personal video with a virtual smooch. You can check out the whole clip here.

2. Indoor sky diving
3. Throw a big party
4. Go on a disney cruise
5. Swim with dolphins
6. Go to Europe: Alisa and her mother are currently ticking off a high-priority item on the list with a mother-daughter trip to Paris.

7. Go to Las Vegas
8. Scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef
9. Hot air balloon ride
10. Learn to shoot a gun
11. Ride a mechanical bull
12. Ride an elephant
13. Try every cheesecake at the Cheesecake Factory: Since there are a lot, Alisa needed a little help from three hungry friends to get this one done.

14. Go on a taxi ride and say "Follow that car!"
15. Release a bunch of lanterns into the sky
16. Get chocolate wasted
17. Give people a reason to remember me
18. Say "yes" to everything for a whole day
19. Pie war: It looks as messy as it sounds.

20. Drive all day blasting music
21. Travel to every state
22. Go to New York and go sightseeing:  Alisa has yet to get to the Big Apple herself, but with the help of one of her nearly 15,000 Facebook fans, she can experience Times Square via proxy.

23. Go to Alaska
24. Kiss under the Eiffel Tower
25. Walk on the Great Wall of China
26. Live a happy life
27. No Facebook for two weeks
28. Pay in pennies: Alisa recently went shopping for jeans and bought a pair with the pounds of pennies.

29. Go ziplining
30. Go to Times Square for New Year's Eve
31. Water sliding from dusk til dawn
32. Bake a rainbow cake
33. Hold a baby lion
34. Drink from a coconut
35. Go through a drive-thru on a horse
36. Bake in the middle of the night with someone you love
37. Go to the drive-in movies
38. Have a glow stick fight
39. Have a guy sing to me: An alumni from Alisa's high school serenaded her ...

40. Propose to a stranger: And then she proposed to him, knocking another goal off her list! The pair isn't actually getting married, it was only a joke, but the situation served its purpose.  

41. Tie messages in balloons and release them
42. Kiss underwater
43. Ride a dolphin
44. Play messy twister
45. Have a paint fight
46. Jump in a pool fully clothed
47. Make an adventure book: Because Alisa's health and her family's financial constraints, she may not be able to visit all of the places on her list. In order to make up for the adventures that she may not be able to have and document, friendly fans from all over the world have sent "thinking of you" signs to the teen from various countries.

48. Go mudding

It won't be easy to complete all 48, but if she managed to get Tatum to send her a kiss from the Oscars, anything's possible ...