Heather Locklear to spoof ‘Black Swan’ in ‘Scary Movie 5′

Claudine Zap
Movie Talk

The queen of '80s TV will move to the big screen in "Scary Movie 5," Deadline is reporting. Heather Locklear will play the creepy mom of a young dancer (Ashley Tisdale) in a spoof of the role Barbara Hershey played in the actual scary movie, "Black Swan." Rounding out the theme, Molly Shannon has been booked to play the character of the cast-off dancer played by Winona Ryder.

The movie will be directed by Malcolm Lee. According to Deadline, David Zucker, who wrote the third and fourth installments of "Scary Movie," co-wrote the script and is producing the film.

Locklear, 50, is no stranger to B movies. Back in 1989, she appeared in "The Return of the Swamp Thing," a Godzilla-meets-the-Everglades sort of flick. She also starred with a young Drew Barrymore in the sci-fi film "Firestarter."

The actress is currently appearing with Betty White and friends on the popular sitcom "Hot in Cleveland." She plays a PR rep for the city.