Harry Potter by the Numbers

Dorothy Pomerantz
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%photo13% Unless you’ve been living in a
cupboard under the stairs, you know that the first installment of the final
Harry Potter story opens this weekend. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows,
the seventh film in the series, is scheduled to debut on more than 4,000
screens and despite the fact that Warner
Bros. decided
at the last minute not to show the film in ticket-hiking
3-D, it is expected to be the biggest Harry Potter opening of all time.

So in honor of the beginning of the
end, here’s a look at Harry Potter in the most Forbes way possible: by the

$125 million: The amount Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows is
expected to earn this weekend in the U.S. according to Exhibitor
Relations. If that prediction proves correct it will be the biggest opening
ever for a Harry Potter movie. The Goblet of Fire currently holds that
record with a $102 million opening.

The new film’s current rating on Rotten
. That means 81% of critics recommend the film.

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$1.7 billion:  The amount the entire franchise has already earned
at the domestic box office. That makes Harry Potter the
second-highest grossing franchise
of all time (in the U.S.) behind
Star Wars which has earned a total $1.9 million. With two Harry Potter films
yet to hit theaters, the franchise will definitely surpass Star Wars in the U.S. That is
until George
Lucas’ 3-D versions
of the six Star Wars films hit theaters.

$5.4 billion: What the Harry Potter films have earned so far at the
global box office. That’s way more than the $4.5 million Star Wars has earned
globally so Harry Potter will continue to hold the crown by that metric. Don’t
get me started on adjusting
for ticket price inflation

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2,000: Number of showings that have already been sold out. That
makes Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows the fifth biggest advanced
ticket seller of all time a full two days before the movie hits theaters,
according to MovieTickets.com. (The
biggest early seller was this summer’s Twilight: Eclipse.)

$25 million: What Daniel
earned between June 2009 and June 2010. The star’s earnings are
sure to fall off in the near future as he tackles non-Potter roles.

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The age actress Emma Watson was when she found
she was a multimillionaire. The star says that upon hearing the news
she signed up for a course in money management.

The number of new Harry Potter books J.K. Rowling plans to write. Radcliffe
says the author texted him that the Harry Potter series has indeed come to an

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The number of teams that recently competed in the fourth annual Quidditch
World Cup
in New York City.

The number of month’s worth of Harry Potter clothing this extreme fan says he