Hailee Steinfeld’s Nails Get Crazy for Comic-Con

Breanne Heldman
Movie Talk

Some people like comic books. Hailee Steinfeld likes comic nails.

The 16-year-old Oscar nominee had people hypnotized by her wacky manicure for San Diego Comic-Con, where she was promoting her new film, "Ender's Game."

"I got really excited about Comic-Con and I thought, 'What better thing to do than a really crazy manicure?'" she told Yahoo! Movies.

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Steinfeld's movie — which also stars Harrison Ford and Asa Butterfield — may be set in the future and center around the training of new fleet commanders at a battle school where they learn how to defeat attacking aliens, but her nails depicted a story of their own.

Each finger featured its own, brightly-colored image, and many of them had a certain intention.

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Steinfeld's thumbs showed the symbol of the Dragon and Salamander armies that her character is a part of in "Ender's Game." Others showed the name Petra and famous illustrations from comic books, including a big "Pow!" and an eye that reminded us of the unique, peeper-filled dress she wore on Wednesday evening.

The actress said that the whole kit-and-caboodle took "about three hours. It felt like a never ending process."

"I mean, I had to…" she insisted on Twitter.

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