Your Guess Is as Good: J.J. Abrams Releases Mystery Teaser

Movie Talk

This. Looks. Cool.

Whatever it is...

We know J.J. Abrams likes to keep his projects shrouded in secrecy (the latest example being the complete lack of "Star Wars" updates that came out of Disney's recent D23 Expo).

This latest piece of creative from the "Star Wars" helmer's production company Bad Robot perhaps takes the cake. It's a teaser trailer for something called "Stranger," and it's notably in black and white.

Now, we don't know whether this is a movie, a television show, or something that may wind up on some other media platform, but we have noticed a few things:

That music: From the sound of it, frequent Abrams collaborator, composer Michael Giacchino (who scored "Lost," "Alias," and "Fringe), was the man behind the music in this teaser.

It's not 'Star Wars': In what plays out like a tease in all senses of the term, the video footage starts out pointing to a dark starry sky. Could it be? Is it...? Oh. No. It's not. As a mysterious character arrives on a sea-foamy beach shore, we realize this is no "Star Wars" character.

Who is this guy? And then there's this dude, with his mouth sewn shut. And, if we're to believe the voice-over, he has no earthly idea who he is. The resolution: Soon he will know. ... and apparently so will we.

To be continued.

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