Golden Globes film nominations by the numbers

Meriah Doty
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Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones
Meryl Streep and Tommy Lee Jones

This year marks perhaps the weirdest collection of Golden Globes nominations in film, filled with out-of-left-field surprises ("Salmon Fishing in the Yemen"!?), snubs (what, nothing for "Skyfall"?) and expected recognition ("Lincoln"). We crunched the numbers on this year's noms and garnered equally odd results in many cases:

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Most nominated nominee: Meryl Streep, 26 nominations (8 wins)

Most curmudgeonly nominee: Tommy Lee Jones (nominated for his role as Thaddeus Stevens in "Lincoln")

Most recognized movie: "Lincoln," 7 nominations

Number of times Ed Helms pronounced "Les Misérables" in an exaggerated french accent: 2

Number of surprise nominations for "Salmon Fishing in the Yemen": 3

"Zero Dark Thirty" - enough said.

Number of times Jessica Alba stumbled over her words during the nominations announcement: 1

Number of times Jessica Alba looked magnificent while stumbling over her words during the Globes noms announcement: 1

Biggest budget of nominated film: "Life of Pi," $120 million (estimated)

Number of social security-eligible nominees: 7

"Life of Pi" alternate title: "Viva 3.14159265359"

Youngest nominee: Jennifer Lawrence, 22 years old

Oldest nominee: Judi Dench, 78 years old (just over 7 months older than fellow nominee Alan Arkin)

Number of tears shed because Matthew McConaughey was snubbed for his performance as male strip club emcee Dallas in "Magic Mike": Countless

Watch the announcement of nominations for this year's Golden Globe Awards: