How George Lucas Infused ‘Star Wars’ Inspiration Into His Weekend Wedding

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George Lucas and Mellody Hobson
George Lucas and Mellody Hobson

After more than six years of courtship, George Lucas married investment executive Mellody Hobson on Saturday night, according to People Magazine.

Celebrities attended the wedding, which took place in Marin County, California — the location of Lucas's Skywalker Ranch. Director Ron Howard was there — and tweeting — as was the man who played Mace Windu in three "Star Wars" live action films — Samuel L. Jackson.

What's interesting is journalist — and ordained minister — Bill Moyers officiated the wedding, as Howard's tweet revealed.

Bill Moyers
Bill Moyers

Moyers has a close connection to the origin of the "Star Wars" series: In 1988 he interviewed the man responsible for inspiring Lucas's film about some good guys who set out to save the universe from Darth Vader and the evil Empire. The series, called "The Power of Myth," was among the most popular programming in all of public television history and focused on interviews Moyers conducted with author Joseph Campbell.

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It was Campbell's 1949 book, "The Hero With a Thousand Faces," which had such a profound impact on Lucas and his work on "Star Wars." The book proposed the idea that religions and myths from all cultures are all built from the same "elementary ideas," and focus on a hero archetype — who almost always goes on a life-changing journey. After having read it in college, Lucas rediscovered Campbell's book in 1975 as he was completing the first "Star Wars" screenplay, and used it as a blueprint for the soon-to-be explosively popular world he was creating.

More than 10 years after Moyers interviewed Campbell, he interviewed Lucas himself on Skywalker Ranch in 1999. Lucas was quite candid about the connection Campbell's work has to the "Star Wars" series and discussed themes of religion and the struggle of good versus evil. "I'm telling an old myth in a new way," Lucas said in the interview. "That's how you pass down the meat and potatoes of your society to the next generation."

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Bill Moyers became an ordained Baptist minister in 1959 — his first career choice. But that all changed in 1960 when then-senator, Lyndon B. Johnson, asked Moyers to work on his presidential campaign. Moyers eventually became LBJ's presidential press secretary after John F. Kennedy was assassinated. After he and LBJ had a falling out, Moyers went into journalism, taking print and television jobs including "Bill Moyers' Journal" on PBS from 1971-'76.

With Moyers's presence as the wedding officiator, "Star Wars," U.S., and journalism history was present at Lucas's wedding over the weekend. Another connection worth noting: Lucas's new bride is also a money and personal finance contributor to ABC News.

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