George Clooney Publicly Acknowledges Stacy Keibler on the Red Carpet

Erin Carlson, The Famous
Movie Talk

George Clooney, aka He Who Can Never Be Alone, has finally acknowledged girlfriend Stacy Keibler, who is not related to the cookie-manufacturing elf clan, on a red carpet.

The occasion: Sunday's screening of "The Descendants" at the 49th Annual New York Film Festival. According to USA Today, The Cloon posed for photos with the Amazonian ex-WWE wrestler but they didn't do press; she snuck into the theater before reporters could snag interviews with both.

Since dating the actor, Keibler, 32, has been dressing less "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" and more "I'm the tasteful ladyfriend of George Clooney"; he's a modern-day Henry Higgins, that way, making over his ladies to be all respectable-like. Last night Keibler wore a glamorous black dress that had strategic, skin-flaunting cutouts.

Clooney, about two months into the relationship, invited Keibler to the Toronto Film Festival last month; although they were photographed mingling at various parties, the A-list, anti-marriage serial monogamist walked the red carpet alone to promote "The Descendants" and "The Ides of March," another Oscar contender.

If this romance pans out, Keibler will likely have a Sarah Larson-fairytale moment as Clooney's arm candy for the Academy Awards. You can bet she's excited at the prospect.

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