Gary Busey rambles and rants in ‘Piranha 3DD’ outtakes

Michael Krumboltz
Movie Talk

Gather round, kids. Gary Busey would like a minute of your time.

The ultra-intense actor will be starring in "Piranha 3DD." To help build hype for the tongue-in-cheek horror flick (tag line: "Twice the terror, double the D's"), the producers have released some outtakes of Busey doing what he does best -- acting mighty strange.

In the collection of clips, the Oscar-nominated Busey opines about everything from fart acronyms to the use of dynamite as a means to destroy the piranha menace. The film hits theaters (and On Demand) on June 1.

Surprise, surprise -- Busey thinks you should absolutely see it. You know, for your own safety.

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In his words: "See the movie, so you won't see piranhas showing up at your house dressed as . . . however they want to dress. They're still piranhas. Just watch the damn movie."

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