Flop Level Midnight: Will ‘Puss,’ ‘In Time’ and ‘Rum Diary’ Pass the Flop Threshold?

The ProjectorOctober 28, 2011

Welcome back to Flop Level Midnight, where we take a look at each of the new wide releases every week and mark what dollar amount in domestic gross they need to hit to avoid the dreaded "flop" moniker. Remember: Much of this is contingent upon a film's budget: The rule of thumb is that 40 percent of a movie's domestic gross comes its opening weekend, so, depending on the cost, there could be a lot of ground to make up, quick. High stakes! This week's contestants are "Puss In Boots," "In Time" and "The Rum Diary." Let's do it.

Last Week: "Paranormal Activity 3" passed the flop threshold, but "The Three Musketeers" did not. "Paranormal Activity 3" flew past its $30 million mark, and "The Three Musketeers" wasn't even close to its $16 million mark

Puss In Boots. (The Projector Grade: B+.) The time is ripe for a kid's film, and this is the best way to get some of that "Shrek" crowd while not having to actually talk to Mike Myers about making another "Shrek" film. Also, the movie's really good, and the 3D even looks pretty. We're gonna go with $35 million, but we bet it crushes that.

In Time. (The Projector Grade: B-.) This cost $40 million to make, which, honestly, is way too much for a movie with Justin Timberlake trying out to be an action star. We actually sort of like the movie, but are people gonna run out for it? On Halloween weekend? It's probably gotta hit $16 million, and we're not sure it can do it.

The Rum Diary. (The Projector Grade: C-.) The only thing selling this movie is Johnny Depp; it might end up making more money than it has any right to do just because this is finally a movie in which Depp is clean shaven. (Feels like it's been years since we've seen his smooth cheeks.) How in the world did it cost $50 million to make this movie? That all went to Depp, right? Because of that, even with its low-ish theater count, it's probably gotta hit $14 million. Not a chance.