Five things the Oscars could learn from the Golden Globes

Thelma Adams
Yahoo! Movies Golden Globes Blog

Co-hostesses Tina Fey and Amy Poehler proved what we’ve been saying all along: it’s actually possible to have an entertaining awards show. They’ve raised the bar for the Academy Awards – and host Seth MacFarlane. Take note Oscars: it’s supposed to be entertaining, not a test of endurance! Here are a few lessons for the future:

Girl Power: There’s something about having two comediennes who can write their own material (sorry, Bruce Vilanch) that simply killed. I loved when they referred to President Bill Clinton as Mr. Hillary Clinton – or when the camera caught Poehler in George Clooney’s lap. When have we ever seen one of his actual girlfriends perched there?

Swift is good: The Globes ended right on time, unlike the Oscars that never seemed to be able to wrap before our eyes begin to droop. This ceremony seemed to speed by, bouncing from one joke to the next, and including some sincerely awesome speeches and spontaneous moments. And no filler, no awful musical numbers or endless montages.

It’s a party: The HFPA, with their boozy toasts and festive atmosphere, understands that a good awards ceremony is also a good party. When did the Oscars become the event equivalent of a PowerPoint presentation?

Spread the love: The Golden Globes had something for almost everybody, from “Argo” to “Zero Dark Thirty.” If the Oscars follow through on its nomination promises, the awards could clump together for one or two movies (“Lincoln”?), which would be a total yawn-a-rama.

Honor the living: The high point of the Golden Globes was the Cecil B. Demille Award to Jodie Foster. OK, there aren’t that many actresses who, at fifty, have forty-seven years in the business as an actress, and come out on national television. Still, the Oscars could have honored Foster first and had her wonderful speech – if they’d just thought out of the box.

In conclusion: the folks at the Academy, get over your lame selves. Think of Tina and Amy – and their joke about former Oscar host, and “Les Miserables” star, Anne Hathaway: “[We haven’t seen you] so alone and totally abandoned like that since you were on stage hosting the Oscars with James Franco.” Truth.