First ‘The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2′ Trailer Preview

Matt McDaniel
Managing Editor
Movie Talk

There are few movies with fans as rabid as the devotees of the "Twilight Saga."  And with only one film left in the series, the Twi-Hards are more desperate than ever for peeks at the final chapter.  Hopefully, this 14-second snippet from the first trailer for "Breaking Dawn - Part 2" will satisfy them until the full trailer debuts this weekend in theaters in front of "The Hunger Games."

"Part 1" ended with Bella (Kristen Stewart) opening her eyes having just been turned into a vampire after the delivery of her child nearly killed her.  The preview starts with little glimpses of Bella using her new vampire speed to dash through the woods.  Jacob (Taylor Lautner) gets to see the transformed Bella (though we still don't) and expresses his surprise that she doesn't seem that different to him.  After Bella takes his hand, Edward (Robert Pattinson) says "We're the same temperature now."  So at least they have that in common.

If you want to see more, you'll have to buy your ticket to see "The Hunger Games," which opens this Friday. But check back on Yahoo! Movies next Monday, March 26, when we'll have the full teaser trailer online so you can watch it again (and again and again and again).

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