First Photo of Andrew Garfield as ‘Spider-Man’ Revealed

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Ever since word of a "Spider-Man" reboot was announced, fans have been hungry for any scrap of info about the movie. How will this version differ from Sam Raimi's hugely successful franchise? How will Andrew Garfield's Peter Parker stack up against Toby Maguire's? Today, we get an early look at the upcoming flick. Check out the pic below.

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The photo, the first released from the movie, shows Parker in

Spider-Man's iconic red and blue suit sans mask. His face has been

scuffed up and his suit, which is more textured and less sculpted than

in Spidey's previous incarnation, looks a bit worse for wear.

Garfield, who was nominated for a Golden Globe for his turn in "The

Social Network," admits to being daunted playing the legendary


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"I see it as a massive challenge in many ways," he told Details

magazine. "To make it authentic. To make the character live and breathe

in a new way. The audience already has a relationship with many

different incarnations of the character. I do, as well. I'm probably

going to be the guy in the movie theater shouting abuse at myself. But I

have to let that go. No turning back. And I wouldn't want to."

We'll have to wait until 2012 to see if Garfield manages to deliver the goods.

Watch Andrew Garfield in a scene from "The Social Network":

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