First Look: Paltrow’s Hot and Ruffalo’s Bothered in ‘Thanks for Sharing’ Trailer

Mark Deming
Movie Talk

"Sex addiction? Isn't that something that guys just say when they get caught cheating?"

That's what Gwyneth Paltrow asks Mark Ruffalo in the first trailer for "Thanks For Sharing," a new comedy/drama about people living with sex addiction. While the subject might not seem like an obvious barrel of laughs, writer and director Stuart Blumberg seems to find a good balance of humor and human insight in the movie's new preview.

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The "Thanks For Sharing" trailer begins with Phoebe (Paltrow) flirting with Adam (Ruffalo) while she programs her number into his old-school flip phone ("Have you ever carbon dated this thing?"), and it doesn't take long to figure that she's quite eager to get horizontal with him. But Adam wants to take it slow, and we soon learn he's in a 12-step program for sex addiction. Adam appears happy with the progress he's been making, as is his sponsor Mike (Tim Robbins), but his feelings for Phoebe may be taking him to a place where he's not ready to go just yet, especially when she strolls into his living room in black lingerie and shows off some very slinky dance moves.

Meanwhile, Adam is sponsoring Neil (Josh Gad), an intern at a hospital who has joined the program after his obsession with shooting upskirt videos of women went a bit too far; the fact one of them was his boss proved especially awkward. And Dede (singer Pink, appearing here under her real name, Alecia Moore) is one of the few women in the group, struggling not to act out sexually after breaking up with her boyfriend. With Neil, Dede has for the first time found a male friend with whom she can be platonic, but can their relationship stay that way?

Also featuring Joely Richardson, Carol Kane and Patrick Fugit, "Thanks for Sharing" is the first directorial credit for Blumberg, who previously co-wrote the script for the indie hit "The Kids Are All Right" (which also starred Ruffalo). Just as he did in "The Kids Are All Right," "Thanks For Sharing" finds Blumberg finding both laughs and poignancy in the frequently murky waters of love and sex, especially as Paltrow plays the confident seductress and Ruffalo portrays her interested but wary quarry.

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However, in an alternate universe, one person who might not find any of this funny is Tony Stark, aka Iron Man, as his girlfriend, Pepper Potts (Paltrow), might just be getting too-close-for-comfort to his "Avengers" teammate, Bruce Banner (Ruffalo).

"Thanks For Sharing" opens in American theaters in September.