First Look: Jamie Foxx Gets the Blues as Electro in ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′

Mark Deming
Movie Talk

The world got its first look at Jamie Foxx as the villainous Electro in pictures snapped on location as "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" filmed some scenes in New York's Times Square. And fanboys will doubtless be saying both "Cool!" and "Huh?"

While Foxx was wearing a hooded jacket that kept people from seeing his full makeup and costume in the images that have surfaced, for the character his face and hands have been painted a light metallic blue, while contact lenses have turned his eyes a similar icy shade. And in longer shots, one can spot a thick pattern of veins snaking down his face and neck. Even in pictures grabbed on the fly, the look is pretty impressive.

That's the "Cool!" part, while the "Huh?" should come from serious comic book fans who've been following Electro's antics in "Spider-Man" since he debuted in the comic in 1964. On the printed page, Electro wears a large mask that looks like a series of lightning bolts and his skin is a normal color, while his costume is a bold green and gold.

This means for his movie, director Marc Webb has chosen to toss out the look of a character known to "Spider-Man" readers for close to fifty years in favor of something dramatically different. Given how obsessively detail oriented fans of classic comics can be, this could earn "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" as many enemies as friends from a key segment of its target audience.

In the Marvel universe, Electro is a former electrician who has been treated poorly by life before he's struck by lightning. Now capable of sending out bolts of electricity at will, he sets out to take his revenge on the world. "Electro is a great character," Foxx said after being cast in the role last December. "I think Electro will be an exciting character to play because he's a … genius electrician-type person, and he gets the short end of the stick from the whole world, and the next thing you know he turns it on."

Of course, for every person who wants to know what happened to Electro's mask, there are likely a few more who either don't know the character or are eager to see how he's been revamped for the 21st Century. So this is probably a good gamble for Webb and his creative team, though it also invites the question, how many other details in the known Marvel universe are up for grabs in this movie? We won’t find out for sure until "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" opens in theaters in May 2014.