First ‘Captain America’ Footage Shown During the Super Bowl

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Some of the best action during the Super Bowl wasn't on the field, it was in the commercials. Most notably in the spot that revealed the first footage anywhere from "Captain America: The First Avenger." It shows Chris Evans as Steve Rogers, the short, scrawny Army recruit in World War II who volunteers to test the experimental Super Soldier Serum, transforming him into Captain America. If you missed it during the game, or just want to see it again, watch the spot below.

Steve Rogers Before and After Paramount Pictures/Marvel Studios
Steve Rogers Before and After Paramount Pictures/Marvel Studios

The spot gives the first look at Evans as he looks in the movie before Steve Rogers is bulked up to superhero shape. At the beginning of the spot, Evans appears to be very gaunt and shorter than his costar Hayley Atwell (who reportedly stands about 5' 6" tall). Once the character is given the Super Soldier Serum, Evans' true height (over 6') and musclebound physique is revealed.

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The filmmakers have been cagey about the process they used to give Evans the gaunt appearance, but it looks like it may be similar to the effects used to make Brad Pitt appear older in "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button." In that film, a smaller actor performed the scenes on camera, and then computers replaced their face with Pitt's.

Once Rogers becomes Captain America, of course, the real action starts. The ad shows Evans brandishing Cap's signature shield as he fights enemy soldiers, leaps through the air, and speeds through explosions on his motorcycle. You also see his adversaries in the film, the soldiers of HYDRA, who attack him with flamethrowers. And there is a split-second shot that reveals Hugo Weaving as Captain America's main nemesis, the Red Skull.

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Captain America isn't the only Marvel Comics superhero coming to movie theaters this summer, and he also wasn't the only one to get a preview during the Super Bowl. "Thor" also aired a spot, unveiling new footage not seen in that film's previous trailer. It features Chris Hemsworth as the mighty, hammer-throwing Norse god as he faces enemies on his world and ours. Plus, the ad shows more of Thor's romantic interest, Jane Foster, played in the movie by current Oscar-nominee Natalie Portman. Take a look at the "Thor" spot.

"Thor" arrives in theaters on May 6, with "Captain America: The First Avenger" following on July 22.

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