Finally, a Film Series Describing Creative Ways to Die

The Projector

We were wondering the other day: Hmmm ... wonder how we'll die? Maybe it'll be peacefully in our sleep? Maybe in a hospital bed surrounded by our loved ones, providing us comfort and the warmth of knowing that we'd lived a full, righteous life? That would be nice. That'd be a life well lived.

Hey, friends, at The Alamo Drafthouse, what are your thoughts on our last moments on earth as humans? What's that? Oh, you made a whole series of short films about it? That's so sweet! That will be wonderful for your families, to help with the healing process. What'd you call it? Oh, "The ABCs of Death?" That's, uh, well, that makes sense, we guess. It might help children cope with their loss by using the alphabet. Like the Letter People!

So, you have 26 short films. They're directed by big-time movie directors, like Ti West, and the guy who did that movie about a hobo and his weapon of choice. Wouldn't have been our choice, but OK! You're the movie people! You know best! Do you have a trailer for them? You do? Great, let's see it! Wait, what does "NSFW" mean?

More The ABCs of Death Videos

Oh my! Oh heavens! That is not going to help the grieving process at all, you guys.

(You can submit a film to be the 26th, and final, way to die, right here.)

The ABCs Of Death [Drafthouse Films]