Feeling Cagey? We’ve Got Just the Thing For You!

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Just a small sampling from the Feeling Cagey site
Just a small sampling from the Feeling Cagey site

Nicolas Cage is a prolific actor. He yells a lot in movies. And he's the inspiration of a seemingly endless torrent of Internet memes, cat-themed ones included.

We knew this.

But now the Oscar winner can add 'selfie star' to his list of his abundant achievements. The 49-year-old actor's face appears everywhere on FeelingCagey.com, a site that crawls Instagram for photos with faces — so-called selfies (i.e. photos that people snap of themselves and post to sites like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and, of course, Instagram) — and then displays the pics with addition of Cage's face.

Cage has web developer Josh McMillan to thank for this phenomenon, that's been spreading like wild fire online. "Thoughts automatically bounced to Nicolas Cage, the world's greatest actor," the English programmer cheekily joked during a phone call with Yahoo Movies on Monday.

"Basically I was playing around with facial recognition technology," McMillan said, explaining that he built FeelingCagey.com to automatically grab photos from Instagram because it's a "very decent source for faces, constantly." And it only took about a weekend to do it, he confirmed.

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McMillan's program recognizes faces within each selfie pic, then adds the Cage-effect to them before posting them to his site — in near real time. The end product: "[The selfie photos] show lovely Nicolas Cage's face," McMillan said.

Don't fret if your Instagram selfie doesn't get Cage-ified. McMillan said he built his site to only grab a certain amount."It pulls in about 30 photos every minute. It can't do every photo which goes to Instagram because that would be a ridiculous amount."

McMillan is pretty shocked over the popularity of his new creation. "It's got something ridiculous like 250,000 visitors in five days, now. It's pretty crazy."

So what's his next just-for-fun weekend project? "Nothing immediately springs to mind," he says.

But he knows what he won't do: "I won't do anything to do with Miley Cyrus. It's just too much of an easy target."

Sorry Miley. Nicolas Cage wins this round.

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