Our Favorite Male Cheerleaders: An Ode to Andy Samberg and His Predecessors

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Short skirts, tight sweaters, bright smiles — who doesn't love the American cheerleader? But lest you forget, it's not just ladies who get to shake their stuff on the sidelines.

GIF – Grown Ups 2

Andy Samberg is the latest dudes to don a cheer uniform in (and is apparently one of the only highlights of) "The Grown Ups 2," an otherwise, shall we say, boorish movie.

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He, along with Lonely Island members Jorma Taccone and Akiva Schaffer and former SNL castmates Bobby Moynihan, Taran Killam, Will Forte and Paul Brittain, get wet and soapy and all up in Kevin James's face, much to his horror.

"Your car is filthy!" That, as he's waving his booty right under James's nose.

One critic wrote: " The cameos from Shaq, Steve Austin, and Andy Samberg with SNL cast members were my favorite moments of the film and that’s probably because I got a break from the main characters." From another: "Samberg has proved himself to be hilarious time and again — this time he’s a male cheerleader at a bikini carwash."

In honor of the "sexy," spirited performances from Samberg and co., let's give it up for our favorite high kicking, chant-hollering male cheerleaders.


'Saturday Night Live'


Will Ferrell, the godfather of cheeky on-screen male cheerleaders, brings the moves in this class SNL skit. Cha cha boochie, cha cha cha boochie role call all day, Craig.

And let's not forget when Jim Carrey joined in on the Spartan fun.



'Bring It On'


Big ups to all of the lads on the Toros squad. It's easy to be overshadowed by the film's all-star lady cast, but the dudes are just as watchable in this superstar cheer throwdown flick. (Special recognition goes to Nathan West's shameless Jan.)


'Fired Up!'


Two football players pretend to get into cheerleading in order to get girls and then end up — gasp! — enjoying cheering. The premise might be tacky, but at least the actual cheers are spectacular. John Michael Higgins's Coach Keith can, as they say, bring it.


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GIF – College Humor

Three words: Don't. Ever. Stop.