Extended look at ‘Fast & Furious 6′ brings the vehicular warfare

Movie Talk

"They got a tank!" exclaims Tej Parker (Ludacris) in the new extended trailer for "Fast & Furious 6." You think that might be a direct quote from one of the production's late-night story development meetings?

Hot on the heels of Sunday's Super Bowl spot and burning rubber like no other comes an almost three-and-a-half-minute collage of the kind of sound and fury that only the "Fast and the Furious" franchise can muster. Not surprisingly, "Fast & Furious 6" (which, somewhat disappointingly, isn't simply titled "Fast Six") looks to be the biggest, loudest and ... well, fastest and furious-est installment in the series yet.

Watch the extended first look trailer for 'Fast & Furious 6':

Yes, there's a tank, and it roars down a highway, barely flinching as everything in its way explodes on impact, kind of like in "Grand Theft Auto: Vice City." There are cars that look like something out of "The Road Warrior," with armored plating that flips up on the hood. And you've got Vin Diesel mumbling more simple yet inspiring blue collar philosophies, like "Ride or die" and "Never turn your back on family."

The plot? DSS Agent Luke Hobbs (Dwayne Johnson) tracks down Dominic Torretto (Diesel) to some Euro-paradise where all you do is kiss naked girls and drink beer. Hobbs needs Dom's crew to help take down a team of "vehicular criminals" run by the ruthless Owen Shaw (Luke Evans), a former special ops soldier turned evil mastermind. The mission becomes personal upon the revelation that Shaw's right-hand gal is Letty (the ever-scowlin' Michelle Rodriguez), Dom's former ladylove and, until recently, a woman thought dead and buried.

It's exciting that The Rock and Vin Diesel join forces in this one ... though hopefully at some point they'll get in an argument and engage in another round of epic fisticuffs and throwing each other on tables.

Paul Walker, as Dom's longtime partner Brian O'Conner, only has about one line in the trailer, which is probably a good idea -- and MMA champ Gina Carano, as Hobbs' colleague, doesn't have any, which is probably an even better one (did anyone else notice that almost all of her dialogue in "Haywire" was ADR'd in post?). You also have the obligatory scene featuring a bunch of hot women who apparently do nothing with their lives until some race or related event requires them to show up and dance around expensive cars in slow motion. You also have a scene where all the cars transform into robots and ... well, okay, maybe they're saving that for "Fast Seven."

This is going to be the greatest movie ever made. "Fast & Furious 6" opens May 24.