First Look: ‘Skyfall’ trailer reveals new Q and blonde Javier Bardem as ultimate villain

Meriah Doty
Movie Talk

The last "Skyfall" trailer that was released revealed important clues about Bond (Daniel Craig), but left us wondering about the villain Silva (Javier Bardem).

In this latest trailer -- published here first on Yahoo! Movies -- we not only see Silva, but we also hear him. As more of the plot of "Skyfall" is revealed, we also see that it appears Bond cheats death as well as links up with a new Q (Ben Whishaw).

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As Silva, Bardem looks every bit as sinister-in-spite-of-a-strange-hairdo as he did in "No Country for Old Men." But this time, instead of a bowl cut, Bardem is a blonde.

At one point in the trailer, Silva, who appears to be holding Bond captive, has a few words with 007. It becomes clear M (Judi Dench) is at the center of their conflict as Silva says in a seeming reference to her, "Mommy was very bad."

Seeing as Bardem won an Oscar in 2008 for playing a calculated, cold-blooded hit man in the aforementioned Coen Brothers film, it's probably safe to say an actor of his caliber is playing a super-villain -- someone who is a true match for Bond along the lines of Bane vs. Batman.

In spite of Silva's dominance over Bond as he holds him captive, we get a hint of Bond's determination to triumph in this piece of dialogue:

Bond: Everybody needs a hobby.
Silva: So what's yours?
Bond: Resurrection.

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Meanwhile, this is the first time we've seen British actor Ben Whishaw as Q. Having appeared on British television, Whishaw's star appears to be on the rise states-side as he is also appearing in "Cloud Atlas" in the fall just ahead of "Skyfall."

Q heads up the British Secret Service's research and development department. In past incarnations of the Bond series, Q has been played by John Cleese, Desmond Llewelyn and Peter Burton.

"Skyfall" lands in theaters on November 9.