Exclusive: Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy Get Seriously Hammered in ‘The Heat’

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Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in 'The Heat'
Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock in 'The Heat'

They're drunk. They know it. They're here to show it.

Emboldened by a whole lot of liquid courage, Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy bust some moves to the tune of Dee-Lite's 1990 dance hit "Groove Is in the Heart" in a scene in "The Heat" — here first on Yahoo! Movies.

But don't worry. The actresses and real-life moms weren't really bombed.

Watch 'The Heat' Clip — Drunk Dancing:

"It was a day of trying to remember what it was like when we used to drink," Bullock said recently of her sloshed-up scene during the London premiere of the cop comedy. "We don't do that anymore. We're mothers, so we don't imbibe at all… ever," the 48-year-old actress added with a smirk.

Bullock revealed that much of the sloppy-drunk scene ended up on the cutting room floor, and she was thankful for that "because it was an embarrassment to both Melissa and myself."

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Like a lot of McCarthy's most memorable film scenes these days, the drunk sequence quickly spirals out of control — especially when the 42-year-old actress starts pointing at and shaking her, ahem, thang. "Get it," she says to a pair of aghast elderly male onlookers.

You show 'em, Melissa!

At one point the two actresses sit at a table filled with empty shot glasses and Scotch tape stuck to their faces as they swill more liquor and maneuver the tape to make funny faces.

Much of the scene — and the entire film — was ad-libbed, according to both McCarthy and Bullock.

And when it comes to their sloppily synchronized dance moves — they get all the credit. "We had the option of having a lovely choreographer come in," McCarthy revealed last week. "But we thought, 'This should be terrible. This should be eight drinks in for these poor women who do usually not let loose like this.'"

McCarthy and Bullock have both noted that even though they were totally sober, acting smashed made them pretty loopy after a while. "It just was kind of a weird dissent into controlled madness," McCarthy said recently.

"The Heat" revolves around an odd couple in law enforcement as McCarthy plays streetwise Boston cop, Detective Shannon Mullins, and Bullock plays straight shooter, Special Agent Sarah Ashburn.

The comedy slurs and stumbles its way into theaters June 28.

Also Watch 'The Heat' Clip — Spanx:

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