Exclusive: Emma Watson Is Hateable in ‘The Bling Ring’ Trailer

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The Bling Ring
The Bling Ring

Sure, we've seen Emma Watson writhing on the dance floor in Sofia Coppola's "The Bling Ring," but the film's first trailer marks the first time we've heard her thick, Southern California mallrat accent. And its the cherry on top of the first hateable character she has ever played.

"She’s superficial, materialistic, vain, amoral. She’s all of these things and I realized that I hated her," the 23-year-old actress told British GQ of her character Nikki, based on a real-life teen who, along with her posse, robbed the homes of celebrities.

Yahoo! Movies Exclusive: Watch 'The Bling Ring' Trailer Premiere:

Watson's character is loosely based on Alexis Neiers, a model and former reality show star. Shortly after filming the pilot for the short-lived E! show, "Pretty Wild," Neiers was arrested for her involvement in the so-called Bling Ring robberies.

"When I read the script and I realized that essentially it was a meditation on fame and what it's become to our society, I had to do it. The character is everything that I felt strongly against," the former "Harry Potter" star said.

In the trailer, premiering exclusively here on Yahoo! Movies, Watson's misguided character addresses the press, seemingly enthralled by her moment of fame: "I'm a firm believer in karma," she says with Paris Hilton-esque voice inflection. (Speaking of Hilton, she was one of the actual celebrity victims in the Bling Ring robberies. And she makes a cameo in the film.)

Watson's air-headed character deflects blame, adding, "And I think the situation is a huge learning lesson for me to grow and expand as a spiritual human being. I wanna lead a country one day for all I know."


"The Bling Ring" opens June 14 in limited release.