Exclusive: ‘Carrie’ Comic-Con Poster Reveal Crowns the New Prom Queen

Bryan Enk
Movie Talk

Nothing will ever top the image of a blood-soaked Sissy Spacek glaring in fiery rage as she wrecks havoc upon her tormentors and completely ruins the prom for everyone. But the image of Hit-Girl herself bringing the same grrrrl power almost 40 years later ... well, it comes pretty close.

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Chloe Moretz is officially crowned the new Prom Queen of Horror in this exclusive new Comic-Con artwork from "Carrie," the retelling of the old Stephen King chestnut (roasted chestnut, for sure!) due in theaters this fall. The art is a somewhat altered screengrab from one of the most rousing moments of the film's trailer (shown below), in which the blood-covered Carrie strikes a villainous pose while unleashing her telekinetic powers.

See Chloe Grace Moretz in the theatrical trailer for "Carrie":