EvAnimal’s ‘Fast Cars, Rugged Men and Bad Broads’

Adam Pockross
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If you've ever been inspired by a movie, then you'll get where Evanimal is coming from.

Evanimal is the art moniker of mixed-media artist and illustrator Evan Yarbrough. His highly sought-after illustrations are hot items in their own right -- including designs for rockers from Linkin Park to Sheryl Crowe -- but it's Evanimal's movie magic that's got us talking. And we're not the only ones.

Starting today, Evanimal's giant love letters to cinema go on display in his first ever one-man show at the always hip iam8bit Gallery on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles.

"Fast Cars, Rugged Men and Bad Broads" contains multiple mixed-medium marvels inspired by some of our favorite films: "Jaws" (1975), "Raiders of the Lost Ark" (1981) and "Pulp Fiction" (1994), to name but a few. His process is fully unique, transferring digitally imagined images onto large wood panels via an intricate paint disbursement process.

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To choose his subject matter, in a way, Evanimal allows the films to choose him. "For this particular show, I chose characters from films that have heavily influenced my creativity, be it because the story itself was particularly impactful, or because the character was one that I could relate or look up to," says Evanimal. "I like the old school heroes and villains, men and women that live by a code and will do what they feel is necessary to protect at any cost. Too often today, lead characters can be so blasé and you see more accidental heroes based on circumstance. I like the strong willed leader types that everyone immediately respects, or at least someone that knows how to explode a GTO into a helicopter into a tank all while free falling on fire and maintaining great hair."

So actually, he's just a really expressive fan.

But Evanimal's a fan with many fans of his own. One such proponent is actor and art show curator Danny Franzese. You probably remember Franzese as Damian, Lindsay Lohan and Lizzy Caplan's "too gay to function" friend in "Mean Girls" (2004).

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Nowadays, Franzese functions just fine, thank you. Aside from acting, Franzese also curates shows with unique themes, like "Crusaders and Haters" -- comic characters with a modern twist -- or the "depARTed" -- a tribute to celebrities that have died.

"When the time came I was offered my first show to curate at the World of Wonder gallery. [Evanimal] was the first artist I approached. We have worked together ever since and I cannot imagine doing an art show without him," says Franzese. "His pieces have gotten so much attention and always sell and when people meet him they love him because is just one of the coolest guys you could meet."

Evanimal credits Franzese with opening the door to really well exposed galleries. "The benefit of his line of work is that he has incredible access to a lot of actors and industry folk that avidly collect art, so I was lucky enough to catch some attention and have enjoyed selling to that crowd, especially if it's someone that has contributed a performance that could easily be an inspiration for one of my pieces," says EvAnimal.

In other words, you know you've made it when Keanu Reeves has your art hanging on his wall.

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For more info on Evanimal and his art, including tons of dope t-shirts and illustrations, check out his website.

For more info on the show, which includes all the pieces photographed below and more, check out the Facebook event page.

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