Evan Rachel Wood Gets Innocent in the ‘Barefoot’ Trailer

Matt McDaniel
Yahoo Movies

Evan Rachel Wood was too young to go see her own Golden Globe-nominated performance in the edgy, R-rated drama "Thirteen." She dated Marilyn Manson (who is 18 years her senior) and appeared in his explicit music video for "Heart-Shaped Glasses." And she played an ancient vampire queen with a harem of servant men and women on HBO's "True Blood." So she's maybe not the first person you'd think of to play a sheltered innocent completely unaware of the ways of the world.

In "Barefoot," Wood plays Daisy, a young, shoe-eschewing woman who grew up shut away from the world and now residing in a mental institution. She has a chance meeting with Jay (played by Scott Speedman), a hard-luck gambler who owes money and needs to go beg his rich parents to bail him out. So Daisy joins up with Jay as he goes back to his home in New Orleans for his brother's wedding to help make a good impression with the family.

Scott Speedman and Evan Rachel Wood in 'Barefoot'
Scott Speedman and Evan Rachel Wood in 'Barefoot'

The film is from director Andrew Fleming, who has a history of making movies with off-center female leads including "The Craft," "Dick" and "Nancy Drew." "Barefoot" is actually a remake of German romantic comedy from 2005 which starred Johanna Wokalek and Til Schweiger (who also directed). It won the Bambi Award (the German equivalent of the Oscar) for Best National Film.

"Barefoot" will be out in limited release on February 21.