‘Dolphin Tale’ Finally Bags Morgan Freeman His Lifetime Achievement Award

The Projector

The Projector formally congratulates Morgan Freeman for the Cecil B. DeMille Award that will be bestowed upon him at next year's Golden Globe Awards. It's impossible to argue Freeman hasn't earned it. His nearly 50 year career spans nearly every genre, every generation of filmmaking, every major filmmaker. It is not for nothing that every American would love to have Morgan Freeman narrate their life. Morgan Freeman: America's Narrator.

We started to think about what clips they might put together for Freeman's career retrospective. Obviously, "The Shawshank Redemption" will figure prominently, as will "Invictus," "Driving Miss Daisy," "Se7en" and "Million Dollar Baby," which won him his lone Oscar. But let us not forget: Morgan Freeman is 74 years old, but he hasn't always been old, you know. Our favorite performance of his is still as Fast Black in 1987's "Street Smart," a rather dumb movie starring Christopher Reeve that featured an electric, extremely scary performance by Freeman that won him his first Oscar nomination and rescued him from playing small parts on soap operas. (Including Ryan's Hope.) Here's a particularly great scene from that film; look how scary he is (NSFW, language):

Freeman has become almost a mascot in recent years, a Respectable Actor (even with some creepy personal business). But our favorite performances are when Freeman is unleashed to play the bad guy. He always looks like he's having more fun then.

Though he might never have had more fun than playing Count Dracula on "The Electric Company."

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