Dog the Bounty Hunter Has Some Sage Advice for Boba Fett

Kara Warner
Movie Talk

If you were to make a list of the most significant bounty hunters in pop culture, Dog the Bounty Hunter and Boba Fett from “Star Wars” would very likely be at the top of that list. And before you think it blasphemous to put them together in the same sentence, consider all the things they have in common, namely their unique and challenging line of work, but they also have diverse and dedicated fan followings, they’ve both been immortalized by mentions and appearances in “South Park” and if the rumors about a stand-alone Boba Fett movie are true, they’ll both be at the center of their own respective entertainment properties.

While promoting his new show on CMT “Dog & Beth: The Hunt,” Dog, aka Duane Chapman, was asked by MTV to offer Boba Fett his own bounty-hunting advice should the rumored Fett-focused film come to fruition and the intergalactic fugitive recovery agent finds himself a newcomer to carrying a feature film. While Chapman was obviously familiar with “Star Wars,” he didn’t seem too familiar with Fett’s legacy, so his bounty hunting tips were more geared to someone just starting out in the business and Jedis-in-training.

“Be sure you know your prey,” he advised. “Be sure you know where he’s from, what he’s about what his record is. Be sure you don’t go alone, have three or four people with you all the time and, may the Force be with you, because it will be.”

Unfortunately there was no follow-up question as to whether or not Dog uses or is familiar the Force himself, but now we’re thinking that someone should take this connection one step furhter and make a “Dog and Fett: Buddy Bounty Hunters” parody something.

"Dog & Beth: The Hunt" premieres on CMT this Sunday, April 21.

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