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Is This Disney’s Next New Princess or Not?

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Is This Disney’s Next New Princess or Not?

Photo: Disney

Hot off the success of "Frozen," Disney unveiled its newest princess — or did it? Despite reports that the Mouse House is working on "Moana," with the title character appearing to be a royal Polynesian female "sea voyaging enthusiast," there has been no official confirmation. Here's what we know.

A brief description, release year (2018) and concept art appear on Disney's official Wikia, but Bleeding Cool, a site that first broke the story in October, noted that the studio asked for the exact same image to be removed from the site's story about the film. As of now, it's unclear why the request was made, and Disney has not responded to queries about the project and character.

This is all a little strange, especially considering the fact that this movie is supposedly being helmed by industry vets John Musker and Ron Celemnts, who were responsible for smash hits like "The Little Mermaid" and "Aladdin." In August, Disney announced its slate of animated films through 2015 — which includes such titles as "Big Hero 6," "Planes: Fire and Rescue," "Zootopia," two Disney Fairies films, and the Pixar joints "Finding Nemo 2," "Toy Story 4," and "The Good Dinosaur" — but there's no sign of "Moana."

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Based on what we think we know about this potential princess, however, we hope the film moves forward.

Disney Moana

The Official 'Moana' Logo (Photo: Disney)

On its Wikia, Disney positions the story as "mythic adventure set around 2000 years ago" in "a series of islands in the South Pacific." That's a good start, but even better is the fact that Moana sounds like a whole lot of fun. Described as "the only daughter of a chief in a long line of navigators," Moana apparently finds herself in a tough spot when her family needs her help. Not one to shy away from a challenge, she "sets off on a epic journey" that somehow includes "demigods and spirits from real mythology."

The first (alleged) artwork, which Huffington Post states is now being credited to independent artist Sue Nichols, rather than Walt Disney Animation, is reportedly being created using a new, painterly style of CG. It shows our heroine lazing beneath the night sky in some type of hyper-colored lagoon dotted with tikis and lush palm trees. You gotta love a girl who go swimming after dark.

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Based on the reactions in the Twitterverse, we're not the only ones excited about this potential Polynesian princess.

Disney is coming out w/ a Polynesian movie?!! Omfg, I'm so excited!!! #moana

— Carlie Balatico (@carliequo) December 16, 2013

New #Disney Princess is my kind of gal... a #Polynesian heroine named #Moana. #polypower — Tamara Vaifanua (@TamaraVaifanua) December 16, 2013

It crazy how the Disney movie MOANA is going to be about a Tongan princess Thas wassup! They better get our culture correct though lol

— ongo (@Falsieto) December 19, 2013

So while we'll have to wait until at least 2018 to meet this bathing beauty, something tells us Moana make quite a splash—if she ever arrives.