Dinner and a Movie? Medieval Times Headed For the Big Screen

Bryan Enk
Movie Talk

Oh, "Game of Thrones," what have ye wrought?

Knights, horses, jousting and castles are all the rage thanks to the success of the HBO series (and the resurrection of the "Lord of the Rings" franchise with "The Hobbit"), which has not surprisingly inspired Hollywood to set up its own big-screen tournament with a film adaptation of Medieval Times.

What is Medieval Times? Lo, my lords and ladies, you don't know what you're missing! It is only the most epic piece of dinner theatre you'll ever witness, with 75 actors and 20 horses (yes, real horses, not those fake ones used in wimpy normal theatre productions like "Equus") performing medieval-style games, swordfighting, jousting and other related acts of derring-do as they compete for the title of King's Champion.

There are a total of nine Medieval Times in the U.S. and Canada -- Buena Park, California; Dallas, Texas; Chicago, Illinois; Lyndhurst, New Jersey; Hanover, Maryland; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Atlanta, Georgia; Orlando, Florida and Toronto, Ontario, Canada -- with each location housed in a replica 11th-century castle (except for the one in Toronto, which is in a mall or something).

Medieval Times, which will celebrate 30 years of business this December, has been featured in "The Cable Guy" (1996) and "Garden State" (2004), with both films poking good-natured fun at the over-the-top theatrical extravaganza. However, production companies Benderspink ("The Hangover Part III") and Broken Road (the upcoming Will Ferrell/Jack Black comedy "Tag") will be taking a serious approach to the material in the hopes of attracting studios to a potential franchise-ready fantasy adventure.

Medieval Times is just the latest of many projects in development looking to cash in on the popularity of "Game of Thrones" and "The Hobbit." A big-screen reboot of "Dungeons & Dragons" was announced just last week, and earlier this year "Moon" director Duncan Jones became attached to the long-planned adaptation of "Warcraft."

Now ... who's going to step up and take on an "Elder Scrolls" movie?