‘Diner’ Is the Latest Film to Become a Musical … [Grumble, Grumble]

The ProjectorSeptember 20, 2011
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Like you, we get annoyed about how many reboots/remakes there are in development, but you know what makes us sadder? Movies getting turned into musicals. With the Broadway success of "The Producers" and "Monty Python's Spamalot," it was inevitable we'd be getting more, but with even "Little Miss Sunshine" trying to make the transition, well, enough already, OK? But director Barry Levinson doesn't care what we think, clearly, since his "Diner" is now in line to get the Great White Way treatment.

Deadline has the news that Levinson's semi-autobiographical directorial debut -- about a group of 20-something friends reuniting for a bud's wedding -- will be heading to Broadway. Levinson will be working on the book, but the music and lyrics will be handled by Sheryl Crow. Listen, we like Sheryl Crow -- really, we do ... OK, fine, Sheryl Crow drives us crazy, we admit it. But that's not the reason we're so opposed to "Diner" becoming a musical. It's because of this quote from Levinson:

"'Diner' was a pivotal moment in my career, and since then I have continues [sic] to live with the characters, realizing there is is much more to their story," Levinson said. "I'm excited to be embarking on this stage version, which affords me the opportunity as a storyteller to expand on my original vision and let the characters express their innermost feeling and thoughts through song."

Ignoring the typos in there for a second, Levinson's comments are all-too-common when it comes to creative Hollywood types. We understand that "Diner" is near and dear to his heart, but that inclination to go back and tinker and redo (even if it's in another medium) just continues the process of making sure we have fewer and fewer legitimately new entertainment possibilities. We can complain all we want, though: It's not gonna change a thing. We do have to ask, though, how they're going to handle the movie's infamous "popcorn scene." We can't wait to hear what song Crow comes up with for that moment.

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