Did ‘Captain America: The Winter Soldier’ Just Drop a Major Spoiler?

Amanda Bell
Yahoo Movies

Did you notice it too? That potentially huge plot spoiler just tossed along oh-so-casually into this latest TV spot for "Captain America: The Winter Soldier"?

If not, here's the skinny: Previous teasers for the second Cap-centric Marvel pic have shown Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) on the receiving end of the Winter Soldier (Sebastian Stan)'s über-destructive gun blaster thingamajig. Over and over this has been shown.

His post-explosion fate, however, has only been hinted at via suggestive pans to a surgery room and Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) possibly mourning over a blanket-covered body. Even if that seemed to give something away, however, there were other preview moments where Fury appeared to be crawling away from his demolished vehicle and later, albeit bloodied and bruised, telling Captain America (Chris Evans), "looks like you're giving the orders now."

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In other words, while there have been some strong-ish hints that Nick Fury is headed for some serious trouble in "Captain America 2," there's been nothing 100 percent to say one way or the other what became of the Winter Soldier's attack.

Till now.


Spoiler? Watch 'Marvel's Captain America: The Winter Soldier' - TV Spot 2:

'Cause this newest TV spot for the pic is either giving up the jig altogether for some reason or purposefully trying to deceive us all into thinking he's a goner.

In the new vid, Steve Rogers says — almost right away, too — "Fury's last words were not to trust anyone." The line is coupled with a familiar shot of him and Black Widow overlooking the hospital room from previous teasers and then having a little rage-out session with his shield.

So, does that mean what it seems to mean? Are they (gulp) really gonna kill off Nick Fury?

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While the lines themselves are pretty cut and dry, don't go stocking up on tissues just yet. There is at least one major reason to think this is some kind of bait-and-switchy ruse.

Earlier this year, Samuel L. Jackson was discussing his contract with Marvel Studios, which spans nine films ("Captain 2" is just his sixth), and he confirmed that he is indeed a part of "The Avengers: Age of Ultron" lineup. And since we know this film is a major predecessor to the events of "Age of Ultron" — since Walt Disney CEO Robert Iger recently said that "Captain 2" will "set critical events in motion" for the narrative in "Avengers 2" — it stands to reason the character might just need to survive this pic to make it into the next.

Being that this is Hollywood we're talking about, though, where anything can and does go, it's hard to know for sure what to make of the teaser dialogue. Your thoughts? Hit the comments and let us know what you think Steverino's words might have meant for the fate of Nick Fury.

"Captain America: The Winter Soldier" hits theaters April 4.