Deleted ‘Evil’ Shower Scene in ‘Star Trek’ Is Revealed

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Benedict Cumberbatch evil shower
Benedict Cumberbatch evil shower

All that talk over Alice Eve's underwear scene has J.J. Abrams on the defensive. On TBS's "Conan" on Wednesday night, the mega director pointed out that Chris Pine (who plays Captain Kirk) was shirtless in "Star Trek Into Darkness." He even brought in part of a deleted scene to show O'Brien that when it comes to showing skin in "Star Trek," Abrams is an equal opportunist.

"You've been taking some heat for a scene – I personally didn’t see what the fuss was about myself, I was quite happy about the scene – there's this scene where Alice Eve, Kirk gets a quick look at her in her underwear," O'Brien said.

"The intent was, it’s Kirk, who is always this womanizing character," Abrams explained. "The idea was, have a beat like that in the midst of all this action and adventure … I don’t think I edited the scene in quite the right way. To me, it was a sort of balance – there's a scene earlier where [Kirk]'s not dressed either – so it felt like it was sort of a tradeoff. But some people did feel like it was exploiting her. While she is lovely, I can also see their point of view."

After showing a still image of Eve's now-infamous scene as well as an image of Chris Pine as Kirk in bed with a woman, Abrams added, "We had a shot of the villain, played by Benedict Cumberbatch, where we saw him taking a shower … it’s not in the movie, but it’s one of those things we ended up cutting." Abrams brought the clip along, and the audience was treated to seven seconds of a nude Cumberbatch (from the waist up, of course) looking sinister as water streams down his face and body and menacing music plays on the soundtrack.

"He's not enjoying that shower very much," Conan quipped. Abrams replied, "No, he does the shower of evil!"

J.J. Abrams and Conan O'Brien
J.J. Abrams and Conan O'Brien

Conan then said, "I think that would look better with different music," and replayed the clip with some slow-jam style R&B reminiscent of the work of Barry White, briefly turning the Villain into the Love Man. Abrams nodded appreciatively, and said, "I would have used it if we'd had that music available!"

Then O'Brien got Abrams to make the most awesome promise ever. The red-headed host brought up Abrams's love of hiding little puzzles for his fans – aka Easter eggs – in his work. Abrams then told O'Brien he'd put a "Simpsons"-related cameo in his upcoming "Star Wars" reboot. What!?

"Years ago, when I wrote for 'The Simpsons,' I put Jub-Jub into a 'Simpsons' episode," O'Brien said. ("Jub-Jub" was a nonsensical expression O'Brien liked to say, and he used it as the name for Selma's pet iguana, first appearing the Season Four episode "Selma's Choice.") "I know that if I ask you, because we're very close, I think you're closer to me than anyone in the world [laughter from Abrams and audience], I know if I ask you you'll put Jub-Jub into a 'Star Wars' movie. I know that you'll get it in somehow ..."

Before Conan could finish, Abrams stuck out his arm for a handshake and said, "Done!"

"That's gonna happen?" O'Brien said incredulously, and Abrams replied, "Yeah, cool!"

Will Jub-Jub really be in the next 'Star Wars'?
Will Jub-Jub really be in the next 'Star Wars'?

"If anyone else wants anything else, just shout it out!" O'Brien yelled to the audience. "What's gonna happen is, you’re a nice guy, you’re gonna say yes, and then the 'Star Wars' movies will make no sense. Jub-Jub! Flip flop! Waffle iron!"

"It’s very early days, and if an when I am directing 'Star Wars,' Jub-Jub somehow will find its way in," Abrams assured O'Brien. (See the video here.)

So the big "Star Wars" new of the day is, we'll have a "Star Wars"/"Simpsons" crossover moment when Abrams' reboot makes it into theaters in 2015. And until then, Abrams and Paramount Pictures would be very happy if you could get around to seeing "Star Trek: Into Darkness" sometime in the near future, no matter how you feel about Alive Eve in her lingerie.

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