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The Next Kim Kardashian? Darth Vader Shows Off Mad Selfie Skills

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He's evil. He's a really heavy breather. And, oh yeah, he takes a mean selfie.

"Star Wars" über-villain Darth Vader has snapped a photo of his bad Sith self on the brand new Instagram page for the famed galactic film franchise.

While the J.J. Abrams-directed "Star Wars: Episode VII" isn't due in theaters until 2015, the Disney-Lucasfilm publicity machine is already in motion. (Though, since Vader died in "Return of the Jedi," it's not yet clear how he would appear in the upcoming sequel. Perhaps Abrams is cooking up some flashback scenes?!)

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While Vader used to be the vision of pure malevolence, he's actually undergone a bit of a makeover in recent years. In fact, his cheeky pic is the latest example of Lucasfilm playing the Sith lord for laughs.

It was just a few months ago that the Dark Side enthusiast introduced a "Star Wars" character bracket tournament during March Madness:


And who can forget mini Vader in that Volkswagen commercial: 


A Lego version of George Lucas made sure Darth got a doughnut:


Vader took questions, Magic 8 Ball-style, in an interactive game dubbed "Ask Vader." (Two years later, you can still play it here!)

The Next Kim Kardashian? Darth Vader Shows Off Mad Selfie Skills

(Image from


 Along with the seeming endless stream of fan-made Lego Vader films, a more official-unofficial version of "Star Wars" pitted Darth Maul against Vader in "The Empire Strikes Out":

Is the galaxy ready for a kinder, gentler Darth Vader? He's pretty adept with a cellphone camera and there's mounting evidence he can shamelessly self-promote with the best of them.

Watch your back, Kim Kardashian. We sense a great disturbance in your Force.

"Star Wars: Episode VII" is due in theaters Dec. 18, 2015.

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