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‘The Dark Knight Rises’ star Marion Cotillard lines up her next gig

Danny Bowes
Movie Talk
February 14, 2013

Oscar winner Marion Cotillard, coming off a highly successful 2012 with “The Dark Knight Rises” and “Rust and Bone,” is nearing a new prestige project that could very well land her another nomination: Benoit Jacquot's adaptation of the classic French novel “Diary of a Chambermaid.”

Octave Mirbaud's novel, a sensation upon its 1900 publication in France, tells the story of an ambitious young woman's time working for wealthy French families. It was controversial in its day for addressing the working conditions of servants.

“Diary of a Chambermaid” has a rich history in cinema too, having been adapted first in 1946 by Jean Renoir with Paulette Goddard in the lead, and in 1964 by Luis Bunuel with Jeanne Moreau. Jacquot's version, produced by Jean-Pierre Guerin (who also produced Jacquot's 2012 Berlinale-opening “Farewell My Queen”) would be the third version.

Guerin told Variety that Cotillard, after a positive meeting with Jacquot, is looking forward to reading the script. The role figures to be a challenging one for the star, along the lines of “Rust and Bone” and her Oscar-winning turn in “La Vie en Rose,” both of which saw her appear in nearly every scene.

Cotillard can next be seen this June in “Blood Ties,” a thriller from French director Gillaume Canet (“Tell No One”) co-starring Clive Owen, Billy Crudup, Zoe Saldana, and Mila Kunis.