Comic-Con 2013: Harrison Ford Says Drone Controversy Drew Him to ‘Ender’s Game’

Eric Pfeiffer
Movie Talk
Harrison Ford at San Diego Comic-Con
Harrison Ford at San Diego Comic-Con

During an appearance at the San Diego Comic-Con on Thursday, Harrison Ford said it was a real life political controversy that drew him to join the cast of the upcoming science fiction film, "Ender's Game."

The hugely popular book on which he film is based follows the adventures of a young boy named Ender who is enlisted by the military to combat a looming military threat.

"I was drawn to the complexity of the moral issues here," Ford said during his second-ever panel at the annual convention. "This book, which was written 28 years ago, imagined a world that has become an everyday reality today: the dilemma of drone warfare."

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In the film, Ford portrays a Graff, a grizzled military commander who instructs Ender and other children recruited by the military to become future soldiers. "He is not much Ender's mentor as he is his manipulator," Ford said.

As with drone pilots, the character of Ender controls a fleet of unmanned ships that are sent into battle.

"The manipulation of young people and their specific talents for warfare was something that was really interesting to me," Ford added.

Despite the seriousness of his response, Ford did take a moment to show a lighter side when asked by a fan if his "Star Wars" character Han Solo would have been a good soldier in the world of "Ender's Game."

"I don't think Han Solo would be good in anybody's army, Ford said. "I think he's what we now call an independent contractor."

"Ender's Game" opens November 1.

Watch an exclusive clip from 'Ender's Game' direct from Comic-Con: