Co-presenters Leno and Fallon’s late night jokes flop at Golden Globes

Kimberly Potts, Yahoo! TV
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So … Letterman and Kimmel weren't available?

Yeah, we know, the Golden Globes telecast is an NBC event, so of course, NBC late-night hosts Jay Leno and Jimmy Fallon would be the guys to get the call to be co-presenters at the awards ceremony.

And how did they use their window of time on the international stage? To announce the winner of the best TV comedy series Golden Globe award ("Girls," by the way), but, more lamely, to once again stir up talk of the likelihood that Leno will ever let go of his gig as "The Tonight Show" host.

Their banter:

Fallon: "Winning a Golden Globe can propel an artist's career forward, catapulting them towards new and exciting career paths."

Leno: "Or, it could convince them to stay right where they are, and keep doing exactly what they're doing."

Fallon: "Orrrrrrrrr, it could give them the little push they need to move on, and give someone else a chance at the spotlight."

A broadly grinning Leno: "Or, maybe there's a chance in Hell that's never gonna happen."

First, shame on all of you in the Globes crowd who humored this exchange with your laughter. There wasn't enough Moet in the house to make that bit funny.

Second, Fallon, listen up: If Leno offers you "The Tonight Show" hosting spot or a handful of magic beans, take the beans. He might actually be willing to hand those over. His late-night spot? Eh, just talk to Letterman and Conan.