Chucky Reveals Deathly Fear of Katherine Heigl in Halloween Popsessions

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Over the course of 25 years and six movies, Chucky’s been stabbed, shot, sliced, burned alive, melted, dismembered, decapitated and blown to bits. (There was also that time a doll with Jennifer Tilly's voice wanted to marry him.)

But what the iconic “Child’s Play” menace has never been subjected to is an intense interrogation around his own personal tastes in horror. Turns out he harbors a deep fear of “Grey’s Anatomy”-turned-rom-com addict Katherine Heigl, among other things.

With a sixth romp, "Curse of Chucky," now available, the ever-comedic Chucky – via writer-director Don Mancini, we think – tells us what makes his plastic skin crawl in the latest version of Halloween Popsessions.

Curse of Chucky
Curse of Chucky

1. What scares you the most? Pointless horror remakes. We've all suffered through them recently. Sequels are definitely more humane.

2. What is the scariest movie of all time? TOY STORY 3.

3. Who is the scariest monster of all film history? Katherine Heigl.

4. What was the first horror film you saw? PINOCCHIO. A doll turned into a little boy. Terrifying.

5. What was your reaction to it? Existential confusion.

6. What's one nightmare you remember clearly? I don't have nightmares. I CAUSE nightmares.

7. What’s one movie you’re too scared to re-watch? 27 DRESSES.

8. Ever egg a neighbor's house on Halloween night? I don't have any neighbors. I killed them all years ago.

9. Do you believe in ghosts? Yes, it's pretty much implied in the job description for "possessed doll."

10. What iconic horror role would you most want to play or make? THE BIRDS. I've always wanted to learn to fly.

11. Are monsters evil or misunderstood? Neither. We're just superior. Deal with it.

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12. What’s one lesson you’ve learned from horror films? Go for the jugular BEFORE the joke.

13. Is Halloween for adults or kids? "They're all fair game, as far as I'm concerned -- on Halloween or any other day."

14. Did you have a poster or t-shirt of a monster on your wall? I've got a pin-up of Rihanna, but I guess she's more of a robot than a monster.

15. Rank the following in scariness: Ghosts, zombies, vampires, werewolves None of 'em are scary. They're fads. I'll still be here long after they're gone.

16. What is the spookiest music or song? Justin Bieber's "Baby." Makes my skin crawl every time I hear it -- and remember, my skin is plastic.

17. What’s your favorite episode of the Twilight Zone? "Talky Tina," of course. Made me realize that a career in show business was possible.

18. What would you like to come back as? I've died and been resurrected five times now. I think I've got it down, thanks.

“Curse of Chucky” is now available on Blu-ray, DVD and Digital Download.

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