Cat Saves Life of Owner Who Suffers Stroke

By Amy Sinatra Ayres

When Missouri resident Erna Pratt returned home from the hospital last month after being treated for a stroke, one of the first things she did was thank her cat, Trigger.

Pratt says she was in her kitchen making toast on Nov. 20 when she began suffering stroke symptoms. She tried calling to her adult daughter, Mary, who was asleep in her room, but she couldn't make her voice loud enough. So, she turned to her 13-year-old cat, who was meowing nearby, and said, "Mom needs help. Can you go wake Mary up?'"

Trigger did as she was asked, meowing loudly as she ran down the hall. Thanks to Trigger, Pratt's daughter called 911 and Pratt arrived at the hospital in enough time to be treated with a drug that can dissolve blot clots, dampening the effects of the massive stroke. "She literally saved my life," Pratt, 75, said of her hero cat. - Read it at Springfield, Missouri's News Leader

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