Casting About: Steve Carell, Master Thief

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Steve Carell has had seven $90-million-plus films in the last five years, a pretty impressive run for a guy who for most of that time was busy starring on "The Office." Next up for him is "Conviction," a heist comedy he's producing and starring in. The movie concerns "a mastermind bank robber who serves five years in prison following a botched heist who is forced by an FBI agent to entrap his protege as the upstart pulls off a multimillion-dollar job." Great -- and now, apropos of nothing, let's watch an old Carell bit from "The Dana Carvey Show" (with Stephen Colbert) called "Waiters Who Are Nauseated by Food." [Deadline]

While we weren't looking, teen pop singer Brandy turned 30 -- she's almost 33, actually -- and she slowly kept an acting career going, recently appearing on "90210" and "Drop Dead Diva." Now she's part of "The Marriage Counselor," the upcoming Tyler Perry film about a married couple dealing with the arrival of their parents. By the way, folks, "The Boy Is Mine" is 13 years old. We know! [Variety]

Rose McIver will always be able to tell her friends she was in a Peter Jackson movie. Unfortunately, that film was "The Lovely Bones," easily his least-successful in some time. Maybe she'll have better luck with "Light Years," about a guy who decides to get his life in order after being dumped by his girlfriend. If this movie was based on our dating life, that rebuilding process would include a lot of "Blood on the Tracks" in the dark while weeping. [Variety]