Casting About: The Rock Will Kill Every Monster in His Path

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A year ago, Dwayne Johnson's career needed serious help. We're happy to say that isn't the case anymore: "Fast Five" was a huge hit, and he's gonna be in the "G.I. Joe" sequel and "Journey 2." So, yes, life is good for The Rock. Well, life just got a little more gooder for him: He'll be the star of the live-action "Monster Hunter's Survival Guide" adaptation. It'll be based on a series of books that serve as "a comprehensive guide to hunt monsters, the undead and unnatural beasts, and survive the confrontations." TEAM BRING IT! [Deadline]

Jeffrey Wright. You love him, we love him, everybody loves him. Now he's going to be in "Broken City" alongside Russell Crowe, Mark Wahlberg and Catherine Zeta-Jones. If we ever got to meet Wright in real life, we sorta hope he'd act like this. [Variety]