Casting About: Media-Shy Kim Kardashian Teaming Up With Tyler Perry

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One of the advantages of writing about movies is that we rarely have to waste time talking about reality TV stars. Today, though, is one of those unfortunate days when we do. Kim Kardashian is going to co-star in Tyler Perry's "The Marriage Counselor," which is about a married couple who hit a snag when the husband's parents move in. We're pretty sure this is the Kardashian who isn't married to Lamar Odom. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Forty-one years ago, Elvis Presley (during the midst of his late-'60s comeback) met with Richard Nixon in the White House. The one-day summit has been archived online, and it inspired the 1997 TV movie "Elvis Meets Nixon." Now, Eric Bana and Danny Huston will be playing the King and Tricky Dick, respectively, in "Elvis & Nixon," which is the directorial debut of actor Cary Elwes. We wonder if any of his "Princess Bride" fans ever interacts with any of his "Saw" fans. [Variety]