Casting About: Kristen Stewart May Fall in Love With Garrett Hedlund

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Once upon a time, Kristen Stewart was a promising up-and-coming indie actress in "Into the Wild" and "In the Land of Women." But then she was in "Twilight," which made her a box office star and the object of scorn and affection in equal measure. That won't change if she signs up for the Warner Bros. remake of "Akira," where she'd play Kei, the love interest of Garrett Hedlund's Kaneda. But, to be fair, she does look a lot like the Kei from the anime film, right? [Twitch via Deadline]

Tim Robbins and Adrien Brody have come on board an untitled drama from Chinese director Xiaogang Feng that's about a "deadly famine in central China in 1942 during the war against Japan." Warning: Any joke you try to make after a logline like that will just make you seem like a jerk. [Variety]

"Jimmy" is described as an indie fantasy-drama about a mentally challenged kid who can communicate with supernatural creatures. Ian Colletti will play Jimmy, and he's been in "Phoebe in Wonderland" and "Baby Mama." Also, doesn't he look a little like a kid version of Tintin?  [Variety]