Casting About: Julia Roberts Needs a Job

The Projector
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Julia Roberts will be coming our way in March with "Mirror Mirror," the crazy/dopey-looking Snow White movie, but her next project might be "Second Act," a comedy with an astoundingly original plotline. It's about "a woman who has never worked and is forced to take a job." This feels very much like a movie-that-speaks-to-our times sort of project. We just hope it's better than the one she was in this year that felt like that, "Larry Crowne." [The Hollywood Reporter]

Alice Eve should have a pretty good 2012 considering she'll be appearing in "The Raven" and "Men in Black III." Her 2013 is starting to look pretty darn good, too: She's just been tapped to be in the "Star Trek" sequel, which J.J. Abrams will be directing. Reports are Eve will be playing a brand new character in the "Trek" universe, which affords her the luxury of not immediately angering thousands of Trekkers because she isn't as good as the original actor from the old TV series. [Variety]