Casting About: David Schwimmer Might Kill You

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We know that David Schwimmer is serious about his directing career, but after "Run, Fatboy, Run" and "Trust," we're not as confident as he is that that's the wisest move. So we're happy to hear he's going to be sticking to acting in "The Iceman," a mob movie starring Michael Shannon. Schwimmer will play a killer. That might seem like a stretch, but of the "Friends" cast he did always seem the most homicidal. [Showblitz/Variety]

Jonah Hill may have had to pass on "Django Unchained," but Quentin Tarantino continues to cast away. Todd Allen, James Remar, James Russo and Tom Wopat have all joined the film, which starts shooting at the beginning of the year. That means we're mere weeks away from the first set of leaked on-set photos that will ruin crucial plot points. Um, yay. [Showblitz/Variety]

Oliver Platt and Edie Falco are teaming up, but it's not for a film. They'll be the hosts of the Gotham Independent Film Awards, which are happening at the end of the month. It must be nice to be part of an awards ceremony that isn't awash in controversy on a daily basis. [The Race/The Hollywood Reporter]