Casting About: Channing Tatum Won’t Survive ‘Foxcatcher’

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Channing Tatum is working hard to earn your respect. You scoffed at "Step Up." You rolled your eyes at "G.I. Joe." Well, in the wake of hooking up with Steven Soderbergh on "Magic Mike," which is about his former life as a male stripper, he's now zeroing in on "Foxcatcher." He would play Dave Schultz, the Olympic wrestler who was murdered by John du Pont -- yes, that du Pont -- in 1996. It's going to star Steve Carell and be directed by Bennett Miller ("Capote"). If this happens, he'll now have worked with both guys who were going to direct "Moneyball." [24 Frames]

Sorry, kids: Mickey Rourke won't be in "The Expendables 2." Instead, he's leaning toward "Seven Psychopaths," the follow-up film from "In Bruges" writer-director Martin McDonagh. Fine, man, if you want to act instead of kicking ass, suit yourself. [Deadline]

Troy Garity has bounced around from project to project, appearing in everything from Danny Boyle's "Sunshine" to the new Kelsey Grammer TV drama "Boss." Now he'll get to play a killer in "The Gangster Squad," where he'll appear alongside Sean Penn, Ryan Gosling and Josh Brolin. Which is great, but who does he think will win the World Series? [Variety]