Casting About: Carey Mulligan Will Be in All Your Favorite Indie Filmmakers’ Movies

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Deciding between a role in a film by the Coen brothers or Spike Jonze would be pretty tough. Carey Mulligan doesn't have to choose: She's signed up for "Inside Llewyn Davis" (the Coens' 1960s folk-scene film) and the untitled Jonze joint "about world leaders uniting to discuss cataclysmic events." After "Drive" and "Shame," apparently she's decided from here on out that she's only going to be in really impressive projects. And she's only 26. [Variety]

Ever since winning an Oscar for "Chicago," Catherine Zeta-Jones has dabbled in romantic drama ("No Reservations") and crime capers ("Ocean's Twelve"). She's just agreed to co-star in the drama "Broken City" as the cheating wife of New York City mayor Russell Crowe. Apropos of nothing, we'd like to point out that our favorite role of hers might still be as John Cusack's ex in "High Fidelity." [Deadline]

Rising star Scott Elrod ("Men in Trees," the upcoming "Argo") just landed the lead in the indie drama "Home Run." He'll play "a professional baseball player with a substance abuse problem who finds redemption coaching a Little League team." This makes us think it might be in the vein of "Half Nelson." It also makes us think, you know what, we don't want to be reminded about baseball right now. [The Hollywood Reporter]