Carey Mulligan’s Kissing Scenes with Johnny Depp Cut from Movie

Joseph Brannigan Lynch
Movie Talk

Plenty of women would be happy to share just one kiss with idiosyncratic A-lister Johnny Depp. Carey Mulligan, meanwhile, got to lock lips with the middle-aged pin-up an impressive sixteen times when shooting the 2009 film, "Public Enemies." Too bad she doesn't have visual evidence of said kisses.

"I had to kiss him several times," Mulligan revealed to fellow Brit Graham Norton on his show. "It was sixteen times, but it was cut out of the film because I looked so uncomfortable."

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Even though she's good enough at her job to get nominated for an Oscar (for "An Education") at age 24, Mulligan apparently couldn't pull it together when a scene in the 2009 gangster flick called upon her to lock lips with Depp.

Don't think Mulligan is kissing and telling behind anyone's back—Depp sat alongside her on BBC's "The Graham Norton Show" as she shared the details.

Mulligan also says she's having trouble playing it cool as she stars alongside Leonardo DiCaprio in Baz Luhrmann's upcoming 3D adaptation of "The Great Gatsby."

"I grew up watching everything he's ever done and it's difficult to hide my inner fan when I am around him," she explained. "It's terrible."

Mulligan is lucky this time around, though: In "Gatsby," DiCaprio has to act romantically obsessed with her already-married character Daisy.

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