By the Numbers: Ben Affleck and the Batmen

Richard Rushfield
Features Editor
Movie Talk

With the news that Ben Affleck is to join that Batranks, that makes six men in modern times who have donned the pointed hood to play Batman on the big screen.  Big Ben joins Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Christian Bale in the hallowed ranks. 

Opinions vary on whether Affleck is a good choice for the role, but how do they stack up as a group?  We ran the numbers to find out.

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Tallest Batman: Ben Affleck - 6'2" and 1/2
2nd Tallest Batman: Adam West 6'2"
Fattest Batman: Val Kilmer 205 lbs (Not counting weight unknown Michael Keaton)
Thinest Batman: George Clooney 166 lbs (Not counting weight unknown Michael Keaton)

Average Weight of a Batman:  193. 5 lb.
Average Weight of the Modern Big Screen Supermen: 196
Combined Weight of all Batmen 966 lbs (Not counting weight unknown Michael Keaton)
Average Height of a Batman: 5'11
Average Height of a Superman: 6'1
Combined Height of all Batmen: 35'9" inches  (431 inches)
World's Record Belly Flop Jump Height - 35 Feet

Length of the World's Biggest Santa Made of Sand: 35 Feet

Most Oscar Losses: George Clooney:  6
Batmen Oscar Batting Average Not Including Clooney: 1000 (Affleck 2 for 2. Bale 1 for 1)
Until 2005, Every Batman Was an Earth Sign.
(Virgos- West, Keaton. Capricorn - Kilmer. Taurus -Clooney)
Since 2005, None Have Been.
(Aquarius - Bale. Taurus - Leo)
Number of Batmen that are Gloria Steinem's Stepsons: 1 (Christian Bale)
Average Age When One Becomes a Batman: 37.5 Years
Average Age of a Superman: 27
Affleck's Age: 41