New ‘Brave’ Trailer Lets the Girls Play, For Once

The Projector

Anytime we start raving about Pixar, a friend of ours always chimes in: You know, their movies are always about boys. They're all boys at Pixar. We then get indignant before ultimately, admitting, yes: Pixar is not always the best about strong female role models. Well, the trailer for next year's "Brave" is here, and it appears specifically designed to combat my friend's (and others') criticisms.

Thus, our scarlet-maned, Scottish heroine, who ... you know, this trailer isn't so good about the specifics of the plot; we're not sure what her ultimate quest is. But it looks like she'll succeed at it, and, perhaps most impressively, there doesn't seem to be some lead-weighted "love story" around her neck. The movie looks a little more cartoonish than your average Pixar movie, but, like with the teaser trailer, that bear looks amazing. Female-driven or non-female driven, this looks like the Pixar you know and adore.

Though how Mike Myers didn't bully his way into a voice part in this, we have no idea.